Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential. A child's experience in the early years has a major impact on their future life chances" (Taken from the "Early Years Foundation Stage" ) 


It is highly recommended that you visit several childcare settings before you choose one that suits your needs.


  What to look for and questions to ask:

  • Is the setting welcoming to you and your child? Do the staff look interested, talk to the children and appear caring?
  • Are the children happy? Is there lots of chatter and interest going on from the children? Do they seem interested, excited and absorbed in what they are doing?
  • Are the staff engaging in conversation with the children, without being overpowering?
  • How will staff find out the interests of your child and develop them in the setting?
  • How will the setting develop your child’s communication and language skills?
  • How will the setting promote physical development, developing good control and co-ordination?
  • Are the staff encouraged to communicate and contact parents to ensure that they are well informed about their child’s day to day experiences?

    Safeguarding Children

  • Does the provider have effective policies and procedures in place that you have seen and understood?
  • Do all the staff have Disclosure and Barring Service checks?
  • Does the management ensure that safeguarding is openly discussed and staff have attended training on safeguarding?
  • Does the setting have a “whistleblowing” procedure?
  • Does the setting’s policy include the use of mobile phones, cameras and social networking?

If you are interested in starting up a childcare setting, you can view Information on becoming a childminder

You can complete an online Childcare Enquiry Form if you would like to enquire about available childcare for your child(ren).


  Complaints regarding childcare providers

If you are concerned about anything you see or hear at an early years or childcare provider, you should raise this directly with the service.

If you cannot resolve the matter in this way, or if you have safeguarding concerns, please contact Ofsted on 0300 123 4666 or you can make a complaint online [external link]

In order to help us to continue to provide a good service, we would be very grateful to know your comments about the service you received from us. You can do this by completing a Childcare Evaluation Survey

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